Smart Digital Society Of Qatar-Doha 05Jun

Qatar: An Empowered & Smart Digital Society

Qatar, just like any other developing country, wants a better future for its citizens. While it is impossible to predict what is going to happen next, Qatar is prepared to make significant changes for a better and glowing tomorrow.

One of the developmental paths that this Arabic country is ready to take is termed as “Smart Digital Society.”

But what is smart digital society?

The Smart digital society utilizes the power of emerging digital technologies and devices so that they can be used to improve the lives of the people of the country.

It is quite clear that a smart digital society helps in connecting the people to the digital services and objects to aid them to make smarter decisions with the help of the improved information.

The growth in this type of society is influenced by technological developers, scientists, and experts that have made various groundbreaking innovations. One of the wide variety of services that come under technology and computers that can make a huge impact is- IoT or Internet of Things. It is known as a genuine game changer of the digital world.

How Qatar conserved the seawater with ease!

Qatar uses IOT and Big Data to solve some of its major yet basic issues. The Gulf countries have always felt the need of preserving and protecting the most important natural resource on earth, i.e. drinking water. Therefore, out of all the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar took up the responsibility to create and utilize the seawater desalination systems. Such systems also help to regenerate and reuse the wastewater.

In previous years, Qatar was not handling the wastewater in a productive way. In addition to this, the better quality of the water from the desalination process was used in the areas where it was not required like farming or in the thermal exchanges in the ACs. It resulted in a lot of wastage of the quality water.

But, the Arab countries knew, they cannot afford to waste the water. So, to set an example, Qatar took the help of a Big Data & IoT platform, Nexus Integra. This firm helped in the process by taking the benefits of the huge amount of sensorization and technical information that is selected after applying highly advanced algorithms. This company utilizes big data and supports IoT along with other technological tools like PLCs, sensors, SCADAs, and many more.

It can easily access several other information systems related to the different geographic systems, preservation and maintenance, asset management, and many more.

Therefore, the Nexus Integra made it easier to manage the treated water. This water served two major purposes at different sections of the day, i.e., during the day the treated water goes into the air conditioning systems while in the night it helps in the farming.

It is a win-win situation for Qatar as it successfully solved one of the most challenging situations that troubled its citizens. This shows that it has a brighter future in dealing with the problems that it has been facing since long with the help of the trending technological tools.