Brand Building With Social Media 25Jul

Key findings on how social media platforms aid in brand building in Qatar

It is tough to believe that the platform that interconnected the government laboratories, in the beginning, is connecting the households, businesses, industries, and the entire world. Everybody is talking about the internet today. They are using it for their personal and professional reasons. And these reasons are uncountable.

Internet Trends Report-2019

According to the Internet Trends Report-2019 by the “queen of the internet” Mary Meeker, many facts surfaced. According to this report, the number of internet users in the world is 3.8 billion currently. It constitutes 51% of the total population of the world. It states that more than half of the world is using the internet. This statistic is enough to prove the popularity of the internet.

While a majority of this internet-loving population belongs to the developed countries, the people of developing countries like Qatar are nowhere behind. More than 86% of the population in Qatar trusts online sources more.

Social Media Penetration In Qatar

Last year, Doha was crowned the world’s no. 1 regarding internet penetration in the region. Qataris use the internet to stay updated with respect to current events. They communicate with their loved ones with the help of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat daily. According to the reports, social media penetration has reached 99% in this region.

Not only the youngsters but the people of every age are fond of this emerging trend. So, the question arises, if people use social media regularly, why cant the firms of Qatar can utilize these as a part of their marketing strategy?

The social media platforms are the best way to expand the reach of the brand to the various corners of the country and the world. Have a look at the benefits that these channels provide for any type of small or large scale business.

Get the word out

The sole purpose of marketing is making people know about your brand. And social media websites serve that purpose!

Get the word out about your business and make people know and talk about the products and services regularly with Social media.

These websites also help in nurturing the relationships with the target audience. The followers and connections that use the services of the business are of great help. Building relationships will compel them to refer the business to their friends.

Social Media Marketing: In a shoestring budget

The reason social media websites are so popular is it uses the algorithm that personalizes the content for every user. This keeps the user entertained as well as well-informed.

But, this functionality may hide the organic content on the website. That is why the platforms offer cost-effective advertising features that can help the brand to stay in reach of the target users.

Also, running ads on social media websites is cheaper than the running ads on TVs or radio. It makes the social media marketing way more impressive.

Social Media brings instant inspiration to the brand

When the business shares the insights about the company, its events and products, the users bring their views to the table. This useful exchange of ideas will help in the growth of the business.

Social Media lets the traffic do the following things-

1. Ask questions
2. Recommend
3. Provide feedback

A social media user asks multiple questions to the company and customers before investing in the product. He uses the products and provides valuable feedback on social media platforms. Such information helps the business to improve its services.

If the customers are not happy with the product, they will let the company know about it instantly with these sites. It will surely help the business to track the buying behavior of the customers.

Moreover, the interaction will also open new gates of possibilities to work over new ideas and bring a change.


Qatar is a small country, but the opportunities that it presents to the native businesses is amazing. But with the opportunities, comes a lot of challenges.

Digital solution providers like Almana Digital Solutions acts as a bridge between the business and the growth. It provides a lot of technology solutions for the success of the business, like social media marketing. In case, you are looking to groom your business and bring it into the limelight, this firm is all you need!