WiFi 25Mar

How free Wi-Fi service from Facebook affects the businesses?

Facebook! There is not much need to introduce this brand, as we all are aware of the biggest Social Media platform.

Since the inception of Facebook, we have witnessed a vast change in technology and the way people communicate from across the globe. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for this wonderful invention.

No doubt, Facebook has not only helped in connecting people and sharing their views across this platform, but has also helped local and international businesses to grow their revenue and increase their brand awareness through different strategies.

Wi-Fi and Facebook.

It is very hard for one to imagine life without internet, as we all are now used to be online, be it for communicating with someone or being active on social media. Even if one does not have internet, they always look for a free Wi-Fi connection.

To make the users not face trouble in finding wireless connection, Facebook has now come up with a new feature called “Find Wi-Fi” and it has been made available globally.
With this kind of a feature, it enables the users to discover Wi-Fi hotspots that has been shared by the businesses via Facebook pages giving them more connectivity. So wherever the user is, once he gets in the range of free Wi-Fi, he can turn off his data connection and start using the available connection.

How users can find it?

Facebook has made it very simple for its users to access this feature. To find the Wi-Fi hotspots, you need to open your Facebook app and go for the “More” tab and then “Find Wi-Fi”. Once you turn on “Find Wi-Fi”, you can browse the closest available hotspots on a map, and also know more about their businesses.

How does it work for business pages?

To establish free Wi-Fi for your users, you need to have a Facebook page with a verified location. You will also need a wireless router that supports Facebook Wi-Fi, as it supports only one of those few routers. You can also setup check-in or can also skip check-in. You can even control how long people will have access to Wi-Fi at your business.

This feature of Facebook benefits the users in both ways. As users will have access to free Wi-Fi, the business pages will have more visibility when people log on to their business page on Facebook. This is the best feature to use for building brand awareness for your business via Facebook.