The future of mobile apps in Qatar 07May

The importance of mobile apps for the future endeavours in Gulf countries

Smartphones have changed the way people interact with the world. According to a report, 9 out of 10 people of the Gulf countries including Qatar use smartphones. It states that the age of CDs, DVDs, Radio, etc., are gone now. And they are happy to embrace these technological advances for a breezy life.

Arab countries are welcoming digital trends gracefully. They understand that tools like smartphones, notebooks, laptops, wearables, etc., covers a huge market. Therefore, the technology industry is developing quicker than ever.

But this development is nothing new for the humans of such gulf lands. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been busy in creating technology that can help them in fulfilling their goals. Such moves also help in making huge changes in the social structures and the way people make important contributions to society.

To carry forward this tradition, the people of Qatar are loving technological advancements like mobile apps that are bringing major changes in their lifestyle. There are several areas that are affected by such advances. To know more about these applications, have a closer look!

1. Lifestyle Apps

To provide the finest shopping experience to the users, the business owners are turning towards smartphones. It is an inexpensive way that cuts down the cost of rent of the pricey showrooms, the maintenance of the space, the salary of the salespersons, and many more.

So, if you have a business idea, why not develop the mobile site and the app along with the desktop website to go global?

2. Mobile Gaming Apps

The app store is filled with 5.2 million apps, out of which 23% consists of gaming apps. With such statistics, the app store is known to be the most popular and largest revenue driver of the app stores ever.

Such apps provide the easiest and entertaining way to pass the time. Also, the growing popularity of these games is inspiring old and popular gaming studios to make a shift online.

3. Social Networking Apps

Social Networking apps are not limited to making friends or initiating chats with family and friends anymore. The purpose behind them has grown wider and even better. Their mentors have developed them into powerful channels. Such social channels are helping businesses around the world to enhance revenue and also increase its popularity.

First-ever mobile app by MoTC, Qatar

Looking at the various benefits of mobile applications, recently, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) of Qatar came up with its first-ever smartphone app launch. This app introduced 25 e-services supporting maritime transport affairs. This application is focussed on making it easier for the users to access the e-services at the comfort of their home. It also provides useful information and the latest events related to the ministry.

Also, to promote technological research in this field, International Society for Engineering Research and Development or ISERD is set to launch the 521st and 522nd edition of the International Conference on Vehicular, Mobile and Wearable Technology in the United Arab Emirates in April 2019.

521st International Conference on Vehicular, Mobile and Wearable Technology

Venue– The 521st edition will take place in the Dubai (UAE) on 14th and 15th April whereas the 522nd edition will take place in Boston(UAE) in 16th and 17th April.

Goals– This conference establishes some serious objectives. They are mentioned below.

1. All the experts come under a single roof to make the world aware of the advances that are happening in the mobile and wearables industry

2. They exchange valuable ideas and details that open room for a lot of discussions

3. Therefore, this event sees a lot of healthy and progressive collaborations among the companies and experienced professionals

4. In many ways, this conference helps to encourage the interactions and learnings provided by the mentors from around the world

5. This event also acknowledges notable contributions of the scholars, researchers, and firms


Such events help in bringing a lot of change which is important for the growth of the businesses in the corporate world and eventually the economy. Therefore, the Gulf countries must take such events seriously and encourage people from all sections of society to take part in these events.