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The Chatbot Test Invasion

Chatbots are software technologies, which are able to automate certain tasks as well as help to conduct effective interactions between humans and computers. Today all around the world, bots are taking over the customer service functions in companies. This has also prompted top technology giants such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to enter the arena with their bot platforms.

Popularity of chatbots

In fact, the popularity of chatbots has increased to such a level that they are being tipped as the latest killer app. These sophisticated programs can continue a conversation with people on various text messaging platforms like Slack, Telegraph, Facebook Messenger among others. Recently, messaging has surged ahead if social media platforms in terms of usage. So it appears that companies will take leverage of this opportunity and deeply their automated chatbots into such environments. A large number of fresh chat to platforms have made their appearances. The most well-known among them being Facebook whose Facebook Messenger Application Programming Interface is doing remarkably well.

Though there has been a heavy promotion for chatbots in the recent years, in practice, the use of chatbots can be frustrating to some extent.

Generation one of these bots has been developed by building a set of rules. So, when a user asks any question that is not within the scope of the defined rule set, the chatbot will respond by saying that it does not understand the question. But the new generation of Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots has started making their presence felt. They come with the ability to learn while being used. It is evident that an AI-powered chatbot will not be launched till the time it has undergone extensive training.

Application of chatbots

There have been a great deal if excitement in several organizations with the prospect of the application of the bots. Well developed and extensively trained chatbots can play the role of sales assistants and help desks for providing valuable support to the customers. They can also assist in the creation of completely new businesses. All these can be predicted on the increasing popularity of the various messaging platforms. This can further represent the comeback of a one-on-one personal communication provided one of these participants is a bit.

It is one approach to building the bots, however, many organizations may wish to purchase only one and then train it so that it can operate well within their domain. As the chat bots will get developed in the future, they are expected to be even more intelligent. Moreover, you will be able to see closer integration between the analytical applications and AI. Such advancements will enable a sales chatbot to offer product recommendations. Moreover, a bot for the helpdesk will be able to diagnose problems.

There are some chatbot platforms, which can provide support for voice-based applications. This is expected to become a regular feature though simple text appears to be a preferred mode of communication.

As the manufacturing sector has been making extensive use of physical robots for improving their physical robots, the demand for chatbots as virtual bots are also gaining prominence in the domain where computers and humans interact.